educational Consulting

Educational Consulting

We assist students from across the globe to secure admission into several Oversea Institutions and also render excellent visa support to all our admitted students. Our partner institutions are located in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, Turkey, India, Ireland, Malaysia, South Africa, Dubai, Ghana, Mauritius, Netherlands, amongst others. All courses are considered and tuition fees vary to suit individual family financial budgets. We have been doing this successfully for the past years and have become an independent player in the industry. If you are an international student looking at studying abroad, please contact us.

Project Management Consulting

Fazaz Global and its team of dedicated consultants are dedicated to delivering the utmost quality. We collaborate with our clients to resolve challenges and to optimize business performance. We participate in strategic planning and group wide strategy implementation. We help our clients maximize business results by considering the interdependencies of strategy, people and market situations. By organising extensive retail research and determining which process best suit market demands we are able to evaluate customer business needs and determine project viability

Web Solutions

If your coumpany aspires to have an interesting design and professional appearance to its web site, our team of experienced graphic designers are able to meet your requirements. Our designers will create your unique web site according to the standards you have already established within your company. They are also able to meet your needs in areas of inventiveness, adaptability and creativity. If you are considering a new web site or planning on improving your existing presentation, we are ready to process, develop and implement everything on short notice. Additionally, we can arrange follow-up maintenance and ensure that everything is up to date within our long-term contractual relationship.

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